Inline Valves V Series

Compact solenoid actuated valves out of light weight, corrosion resistant material. High flow, suitable for multi-directional flow and dual supply application, gang mounting facilitate.

3/2 Poppet Valves ZNCN/666, ZS/666 and ZS/667

These poppet valves are suitable for various applications and manual, mechanical and air pilot operated. Compact design, panel mounting facility.

Super-ZX Serie G 1/4–3/2, 5/2, 5/3

Valves with miniature LED solenoid operators and high flow capacity, also available with manual or mechanical operation. Suitable for multi-directional flow and dual supply application. Light weight and corrosion resistant.

3/2 Poppet Valves ZNCN/1340

These rugged valves have been specifically designed for heavy-duty applications. Manufactured from robust, corrosion resistant material they fit ideally for ardous conditions as in steel works or foundries.

Subbase (In-line Mounted) ZM/1700

Manual, Pressure and Solenoid pilot operated subbase mounted valves for all applications. Extremely robust and variable, also suitable for outdoor applications.

Flow Regulator (Y-Type) ZM/836–855

NUCON flow regulators from 1/4" to 1", precise control of cylinder speed to suite many different applications.